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Polls - Ability to rearrange poll items


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So I find when I make polls (or edit them in fact) that I sometimes want to take a poll option and move it up or down the list (always want other at the bottom of the list) but at this time the only way to do this is to copy and paste and move it around and if the poll already opened then this is not feasible as the votes are already recorded in a specific way.

I think it would be really awesome for drag and drop options within polls. This would allow for additional management in the way someone views something in case you mess it up upon first post.

I propose that we be able to move poll questions up and down as well as poll selection items for a more dynamic way to be able to manage polls.

Thank you!

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Currently when delete a choice the votes is not cleared/updated based on exist choices, only the choice are deleted the votes remain (prompt a option to remove votes for deleted/moved choice?).


(The image show after save and reload edit form)

The data are stored into json, make this require a entire rework or intense resource consumption... example:




-- question 1

---- choice 1 (votes 11000)

---- choice 2 (votes 3000)

---- choice 3 (votes 5000)

-- question 2

---- choice 1 (votes 15000)

---- choice 2 (votes 5690)

---- choice 3 (votes 9000)

when try to move q2-c2 on q1 before c2, the votes for q2-c2 must be moved with a query could send in timeout mysql.

for questions same problem :(

This feature could be integrated when IPS require mysql version up to 5.7.8, because it introduce JSON functions to handle results (JSON_REPLACE or PREG_REPLACE with mariadb) without rework (add position index to each questions/choices)

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