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custom profile field type "select box" can't be searched?


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If using a select box type for your custom profile field it can't be searched in member list? why not? Search should be able to have a drop down that matches the select box. Select boxes are actually the best for search results because they create consistent data where regular text boxes do not.


newfield no search.JPG


EDIT: Issue discovered, see following posts for explanation.  -- this needs fixed.

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6 minutes ago, chilihead said:

If I create a new select box it appears in Search/Member Search for me.

I see whats going on, NEW select boxes show up on search page. However, if we have had select boxes all along since before custom profile fields were searchable there is NO WAY to get them to show up on the search page. I don't want to make a NEW gender field because I already have several thousand people who have filled out gender. This is an issue.

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