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Nexus, enhance license generator options


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argh, I wrote this out and something fubar'd...  :mad:


Could of ideas that I'm sure Mark can easily handle, for new license key options for sold products.

  • Custom PHP code
    Admin can write some PHP code and optionally use some supplied information like the member's ID number or name, generate a key and then return the result.
  • Pick from a list of pregenerated keys
    I'm thinking this would be better as a (product) custom field.  Sort of like a select box, except there would be a title and content box for each set of keys for the custom field.  When editing the product, stock/pricing adjustments, the title would show, along with a count of the keys (empty lines ignored).  For the quantity, admin is limited to a number from 0 to the max number of keys found (this would allow admin to prevent a few of the keys from being sold off for some reason, if desired).
    This would be useful if there are regular and pro versions of a product, where the product is listed as one item instead of multiple items, and pregenerated keys must be used instead of ones generated by Nexus.

Hopefully that made sense and sound like worthwhile ideas to add.  The custom PHP one I'm sure would be easy enough to add, it's the pregenerated list that I'm worried about.




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To add..  I know about making a custom license key PHP file, the drawback to that is the more custom key files there are, the more cluttered the products editor page becomes.  This idea would be for instances where the custom PHP code would be for one individual product, not multi-use.

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