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Can't add or edit signatures?

Holy Symbol

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Members on my forum can't seem to edit or add signatures (neither can I). In AdminCP it is still activated: e1e24e8afc.png

Maybe I just can't find it? Need help with this.


Edit: forgot to mention that it is possible to add a signature to a user but I need to do this manually myself through admincp.. The feature should rather be available to all members so that they can add a signature whenever they want,

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21 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Can't add/edit because they don't see the option in Account Settings or because they can't find the option (It's Account Settings -> Signature)?

Oh my... No one was able to find it >.< I remember checking there but couldnt see it, oh well. The option to add a signature is there now :p Admin/mod can lock this thread.

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