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I can't remember it's been so long since I've even noticed it, but someone just asked me about the ability to see who's viewing a thread that you are also currently reading? I think it used to list the people currently reading a thread that you are viewing?


Was that built into 3.4.x? has it been removed or have I turned off something.  Sorry the attachment was from a post I started earlier and decided not to post it. Seems we can't delete it once it has been submitted, sorry.



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In IPS 4, you can easily configure what community information will show on each page / application by using "Block Manager". On any community page, look for the arrow button of the left hand side and click, Block Manager will appear. Then, simply drag the info block you would like to show and drop it on the position choice of that page and done.

PS. You will do this only once for each page type (e.g. Forum Topic, Post, Gallery Album) and it will apply to all pages in the same type.





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