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Add menu to Blog or other solution


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Some of my community members want to create small blogs / website.
The blog App is great for this but I think it is not possible to create a menu for each blog. :(
For example : 

Blog #1 (book)

Blog #2 
    Latest Stills
    Latest Posters
    Photos I Love


I am looking for a developer who can build an app/plugin to do this functionnality

Or maybe it is easier using Page app. ?

Please PM with the budget and time to do that

Thank you !


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@newbie LAC? This seems very similar to what you're doing for me with Calendar, so maybe it's an easy project for you?

59 minutes ago, EricT said:

Or maybe it is easier using Page app. ?

Pages wouldn't require the custom work that making these changes to Blog would, that's true. You could create a database in it and create categories. It's not quite the same as Blog, though; you don't have the very attractive cover photo at the top, nor the row of contributors appearing showing how many articles each has written.

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Hi EricT,

thank you for your interest.

Unfortunately i've never used the blog app, tbh, so i wouldn't be the best person for this job. In addition to this i'm quite busy... but i can recommend one developer for that kind of job: Marcher Technologies.


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