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Web Socket Chat/Shoutbox


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I've only seen one IPS Forum do this. And the forum was running IPS 3.4, it's a massive illegal warez forum.

The site basically has a shoutbox, that uses web sockets. This means that all the messages gets sent, and recieved instantly. It's pretty awesome.


How did they do it?
- They grab the user session to start web socket connection (to grab shouts)
- They also grab user session to send messages.

They basically made an API, on IPS that would tell what userid etc and what information that user has. So when someone sends a message, it connects to that API. 

Is it actually real time? Yes, if you take away the fact that it connects to IPS API to know the info about the user. This is obviously required, to verify that it's the user sending the shout and not someone else. Other than that, this request takes barely no time, and it's way more instant than any other shoutbox ran using Ajax.


This is a request for a similar shoutbox/chat ^_^ I don't know how to do this. He used socket.io ..


(TL;DR: I want a chat that uses socket.io (web sockets) and verifies the session or what not with IPS API, so there are no exploits possible such as inspect element UID which we've seen happening on MyBB Miuana shoutbox).

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