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About This File

So, are you tired of those useless topics that tells you nothing and has dozens of posts in one day ?

This plugin will allow users (from selected groups) to ignore topics (on selected forums). Ignored topics won't appear in Activity Streams or search results.

Members can manage their ignored topics on Accounts Settings.


  • Groups allowed to use the feature
  • Forums where topics can be ignored
  • Hide IGNORED topics from Activity Streams
  • Hide IGNORED topics from Search Results
  • Display IGNORED badge on forum view
  • Display IGNORED badge on topic view
  • Topics to be ignored by new members



Edited by AndyF
Updated to match file descriptor as requested
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On 2016-04-21 at 8:06 PM, Adriano Faria said:

Sorry, I have no intention to make it compatible with other 3rd-party resources.

After playing around a bit, I got the plug-in working with collabs too.

Adding collab forum id's to database manually and clearing cache did the trick.

Maybe adding the option "all" to the 'select forum' setting in settings would be an easy solution for a future update?

Not sure it would grab the collab forums too, but a suggestion all the same. 

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