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Error posting iPhone photos


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I'm having problem posting images on my forum from both iPhone and iPad. 

This has worked for a few days and the stopped working with no apparent reason. 

I only set up the forum this week and am still in testing. Images from mobiles/tablets is a big part of my forum so needs to work 100%  

I am getting this error when posting  


oddly enough it worked in this forum and also works when posting the same image to my forum from my Mac  

ive submitted a ticket about this but heard nothing back so am hoping j can resolve it another way  

my attachment setting are set to unlimited size and I am on the IPS cloud service  



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An update on my progress with this. 

I managed to get photos posted by using a resizing app. 

I'm taking photos with an iPhone 6+ and getting the same error posting to all sections of the site. 

The exact same image posted from my MacBook Pro (synced via iCloud) uploads without trouble. 


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