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Upgrade to PHP 7

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Hello ive upgraded to PHP 7 using version IPB 

Current Version: 4.1.10 ( 101027 )

 Im having the following problems since the Upgrade 


  • Top Nav Bar inline Messaging when i click compose the compose new message box appears with only subject and Attachement no Text Box to send Message 
  • when i go to public side  and try to go to move plugin widgets there like locked in place can only delete the ones thats active cant move any to activate them

Has anybody else had similar issues 

thanks for the support

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i've also an error in root directory (not public_html / ipb directory:

[21-Apr-2016 11:43:01 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function IPS\mb_internal_encoding() in /home/***/public_html/init.php on line 124

but, indeed, IPS\mb_internal_encoding() isn't a valid function, then, cannot work in my humble opinion (only with php7.*, ok with 5.6 or below).


anyway, mbstring is enabled, and seems to work as expected:

/* Display current internal character encoding */
echo mb_internal_encoding();
// out: UTF-8

then, i've simply edit init.php line with "at" in mbstring function (init.php - line: 123)

		/* Set default MB internal encoding */

all seems to work as expected...

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