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1 hour ago, BenCurry said:

Thanks for the fast reply!

This is what I have already tried.  

When using AdminCP to sign in as that user I can still moderate all the boards.  

Does 'sign in as user' make me keep all my admin permissions? 


No, you should only have the permissions of the user you signed-in as. Make sure that you did not give them any moderator permissions outside of what @-FP showed in his screenshot.

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Ok, i'm going around in circles with this now.  

I've triple checked everything to make sure its not me, I've tried the same steps on 3 different users and even created a dummy account to try and sign in (on a separate browser too) and it still giving global moderator permissions.  

i'm going to

AdminCP>Members>Moderators>Add Moderator

I choose Member instead of group. Then on forum tab choose only the forum I want that member to moderate and save it.  

Each time they are getting global moderator powers.  


Any ideas? 


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