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Bad title, i know, but two small question regardless pages..


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I've make a js inside pages template, and i can use inside any page in my suite, but... is there any way to use inside an article?

maybe something like

<script src="{resource="myscriptname.js"}"></script>


Also, something standard user write article in my community...

We, in ipb, do not have "draft" feature, then user can't write part of article and complete some time later.


And if save with "to edit", i can maintain to "unapprove" status, but i don't have found any way to permit re-edit for this.

Exist " Edit own records indefinitely", but this not work for hidden/unapproved article.


Maybe exist some other way?

Any help on this?


Something an user can start to write an article and decide to finalize one day later or after some hours... ATM i cannot found any way for this.

Thanks in advance for any help.



S.N. ^_^

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