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With mod acp access, allow to ban/unban members only


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With the permissions in Administrators you can grant a mod "Can ban/unban members" permission but it doesn't work unless you grant "Can edit member accounts" permission. Please allow the ban permission to work independently so mods can simply use the ban tool in acp w/o giving them access to see and change account details. The ban button could appear without the other information just like other options do. Ban should supercede the edit/view permissions, it is on the same level in the hierarchy, not above it, and we don't always want mods fiddling with account details, groups, etc. Thanks!

Thought it was a bug, but not. (If another permission is needed for the ban setting to work without getting an error message, it should be noted next to the ban permission or it should trigger an error when trying to save alone.)

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20 hours ago, chilihead said:

Not Planned, okay @Lindy, what if:

"Can view member accounts" is ON
"Can ban/unban members " is ON

Can they ban please? I had this setting but you get an error.

I have to agree with you @chilihead. There is definitely a perfectly sensible use case for what you are suggesting and the permissions system should work that way. Hopefully, @Lindy will reconsider his decision to implement your suggestion in the near future.

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