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How to see debug output when there's an error?


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In IPS 4.1.9 the following feature was added (source) :

  • If you are an administrator and encounter a system error, additional debug output will now display. Regular members will see the normal error message.

This does not currently seem to be working on my site. I'm getting a 500 error on my homepage on my site, and I'm not seeing this debug output. I'm running IPS 4.1.10, and I'm an administrator, so I don't see why this wouldn't work.

Is there a setting where I can configure this feature?

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No configuration required - it just happens.

The reason you don't see it is because a 500 error is a web server level error and not an IPS system error. An IPS system error would be one of the errors triggered within the IPS software, which would previously generate its stack and other detail to the log files. Now, it is generated to the screen for admins.

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