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Emails from my forum


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Hi all, 

i'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this question? 

I'm unsure on how to set-up/handle the automatic emails that my forum sends out.  

At the moment I am set-up and running and it is using the personal email address that I registered with.  

I will change this to be a generic forum one, but before getting into that I wanted to now if there are things that I should/shouldn't do?  Is there anywhere that I can read some info on this?  



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Hi Jim, thanks for the quick reply.  

I'm looking for best practices.  To avoid my email address getting blacklisted as spam.

forgive me if I don't know the correct 'terms' for this.  

It seems I can 'cloak' my actual email address, and have it look like my email comes from Admin@whateveriwant.com because it gets sent via the forum software and the address I past in does not matter?

What happens if people reply to that email?  

The section where it displayed an email address on error pages needs to be an actual email address the people can contact me on? 


Thanks again, 




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