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Make Error page advertisement options to comply with Adsense


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I use adsense, however I noticed that the default advertisement options in IPB 4 do not let me comply with Google Adsense unless I manually define my own locations. Ideally I want to use these two options:



Show the advertisement:

Just below the page header
After the first post in each topic


But I can't because any error page I happen to get will always display these two ad locations above and below the error message which is in violation of google's adsense policy:





Ads on thank you, exit, log in, or error pages

Publishers are not permitted to place ads on any non-content based pages like thank you, error, log in, or exit pages. These are pages that visitors see on a site before potentially leaving the domain or after performing a specific action on the site such as a purchase or download.

Ads that are the main focus on these types of pages can confuse a visitor into thinking that the ads are actual content, so do not place ads on such pages.



Please give us a "Show on Error Pages" option as an advertising location so that I can uncheck it.

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