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Subscriptions and credit card statements


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I've a Paypal account associated with a long standing eBay business, and have recently set up Nexus subscriptions for my forum. Each have a separate email address to receive payments within my main Paypal account.

When a Forum subscription customer receives his card statement, it refers to the main non-forum business.   This has occasionally caused a chargeback from Paypal because customers don't recognise the payment.

I need my two businesses to remain separate.

Is there a setting within the Admin Panel that gives a description of "Forum Subscription Package" on the customer's card statement to avoid confusion?

Thanks in advance


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for a different business to show up on the credit statements, you would need another account from the processor (paypal, stripe, etc.), and use the site's name they purchased from; or another possibility, could also do a TOS that comes up while purchasing that states that purchases will show up as ' Company B ' on your statement.

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