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Decouple moderator permissions from moderated forums


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I run a large forum with many sub-forums and many moderators. Each sub-forum (for the most part) gets a different moderator and rarely does a moderator for one sub-forum have access to the others (this would be reserved for a global moderator). Currently I must modify the permissions for each individual moderator because of how things are coded in the ACP. I can't rely on the group permissions for moderator. The forum software assumes that I have a very simple setup where applying a moderator group or a small handful of moderator groups will apply to all or most of the forums and sub-forums. This may apply to some sites, but it definitely doesn't apply to all sites.

A better option would be to decouple the moderator permissions from the list of forums that a moderator can moderate. This would allow for both setups to work as intended. I'm now stuck having to open the permissions for each individual moderator to make a change when necessary. I hate knowing that I'm going to waste a good hour or so going through each tab for each moderator and setting up permissions.

I would love to see this decoupling in an upcoming release. I can't think of a negative for doing it this way and it would ensure consistent permissions for all moderators and forums.

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