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Troubles with quotation marks


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I am running the IPS Suite 4.1.10 with blog, gallery, forum and calendar on PHP 5.4.19. 

When I try to submit a blog post with quotation marks in the content a 404 error page is shown up. Same thing if I use the query tool in the cms like: 

select * from blog_blogs where blog_settings = '<a href=""'

This problem doesnt happen if I leave comments or forum posts with quotation marks.

Maybe other special chars are also affected.


In my local enviroment it works fine so I think it has to be a server configuration problem.

Any idea?

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-11 um 17.25.22.png

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3 hours ago, SaschaH said:

Thanks for the tip @SeNioR-

I also had these problems in IPS version 4.0 but didn't find the reason/source for the 404 errors.

Are you sure the PHP Version is the problem?

PHP 5.4 is currently supported by IPS (but the next release will be the last to support it), so that shouldn't be the issue, though I would still suggest upgrading so that you are able to receive updates after 4.1.11.

The error that you're getting doesn't look like it's related to IPS4, because that error message is not an IPS error message. It's possible that it's being blocked by some sort of security plugin, so I would suggest contacting your host to see whether that is the case. If not, I can't think of any other reason why having quotation marks in your post would result in a server-level 404.

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