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Limit user group Database Content Creation


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i am looking for a developer who can build a small app for me with the following requirements:


Functional Requirements

  • The app should allow a maximum number of created contents (records) for each IP database for each user group
  • The app should show a page/dialog (should be mobile ready) with a custom wysiwyg editor box to users when they try to add more records than what they are allowed to add.
  • The dialog should immediately appear when clicking the button "add new record" on each database (not after adding the data, of course, it would cause user frustration)

ACP control

  • The app should have a matrix of permissions for user groups and available IP Pages databases
  • The matrix of permissions should not have a "check box" but a number input field
  • The matrix would assign a maximum content number to each user group
  • A place to enter the contents of the custom wysiwyg editor box


If you are interested, drop me a PM with the budget, estimated completion time and any other info/question.

Thank you

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