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Where can I download 4.1.9? Restoring from earlier backup


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A serious hardware issue has resulted in us needing to restore a backup I took immediately prior to installing the 4.1.10 update. During the 4.1.10 update, I believe I saw it updating the database, therefore I'm unsure if it's OK to run 4.1.10 files connected to a 4.1.9 data set.

Is this possible?

If not, where can I download 4.1.9? The Client Area only gives me the option for 4.1.10.

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5 minutes ago, EmpireKickAss said:

If your server does regularly backup, then restore from the backup files.

regarding downloading 4.1.9 you should contact the support team, but in terms only 4.1.10 is available to download


Yes, we backup every night. I also triggered a manual backup prior to installing 4.1.10. 

Issue: the backup data is based on 4.1.9 and I can only download 4.1.10.

I'll file a ticket, thanks for the advice.

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