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How to remove CKEditor plugin/button


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While it is very easy to add a CKEditor plugin or a custom button in the ACP, I couldn't find how to remove a specific plugin or button (without removing everything by restoring the default configuration). Is there a way to do that?


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You can't, easily - it's either all or nothing.

If you really wanted and are comfortable doing so and will take backups and revert your change without asking for further support and have already removed the plugin button from the toolbars and you know what you are doing then you could delve in to the database to locate where they store the list of added plugins (it's in the sys_conf_settings table, with a conf_key of 'ckeditor_extraPlugins) and then remove the plugin's name from in there. Once that is done then you can remove the plugin folder from the ckeditor file location, if you wanted.

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