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Threads in main mobile view /disable likes in status reports


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  • Please give a possibility to see new threads in forums also in mobile view, if you're on the main forum start page. Our users complain massively about the fact, that new threads aren't displayed there any more, so for now they can't easily scroll through what's going on. Concerning this, they mention, that the activity streams - though they have their legitimate functionality - are several clicks away, and activity content looks a bit lost without being able to overview the forum structure.
  • Please give an option, to deactivate likes/dislikes in status reports. As most of these entries are OFF-Topic, it's a spamming run for likes now. It prevents members from posting good content in exchange for content likes... It's easier to like anything placed in status reports on the main page widget centrally placed, and this is in most cases only OFF-TOPIC.
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