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External Database Login error Wordpress Data Base

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Hi I'm trying to create an additional way for people to login using the "External Data" base under "Login Handlers"  I filled out everything correct and matched it to the data base but now I am getting this error message.

IPS\Db\Exception: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 (1064)

What I don't understand is if the problem is in IPB4 or something in the Actually MYSQL data base that i'm trying to reference.  Any insight?

I feel like I'm really close and this shouldn't be that hard.

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@Nathan Explosion Right good questions. I uploaded pictures.  In IPB4 I am logged in as an admin going to System>Settings>Login Handlers

Under Longin Handlers section I am clicking on "external database"

The external data base I want to use for people to login in is my Wordpress data base when people sign up as a user on my Wordpress site. 

I basically logged into my "Bluest" panel, wen to the MSQL data base and found all the necessary information and typed it into the screen shot below.  Then I get the red error message

error message.png

IPB login handler form.png

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Report as a bug https://invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/


			$result = $this->externalDb()->select( implode( ',', $select ), $this->settings['db_table'], array( $this->settings['db_extra'] ) )->first();

$this->settings['db_extra'] is empty

Temporary solution

Replace above line 

			$result = $this->externalDb()->select( implode( ',', $select ), $this->settings['db_table'], $this->settings['db_extra'] ? array( $this->settings['db_extra'] ) : null )->first();

Or add


in  Additional clause field

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@Nathan Explosion thanks for explaining that.  There must be something minor not happening because interesting enough when I go to try and login with a test email and password it recognizes the email but not the password.

I tested by trying a different email and it says "email address and password not found" but when I switch back and use the test email created it just says "password" incorrect.  So something about that password is not pulling......

Arghhhhh so closeeeeeeeeeeeee

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