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Admin Defined Activity Streams

Hunter Lyons

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It'd be nice if admins could set up certain activity streams in the ACP and link them to a certain page. So for example I'd use this to make a News activity stream, which would pull from my 4 different News forums (I have one for news [basic announcements], updates [change logs for our game server's plugins], events [in-game events], and reports [monthly reports]). I have a button under "More" on my nav bar which is titled "News" and takes them to the main forum for that. But it'd be useful if I could for example define an activity stream in the ACP that pulls from all 4, and put it on a Page I make with Pages @ /news of my website. This would be a central place for me to feed any news, etc. I'm sure there's other things people could use it for too, like for example if they have a YouTube channel with an IPS community, they could have an activity stream pulling all of their Videos that they put in the Videos app, etc...

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