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SMS Integration for Registration


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I wanted to see if there has been any movement on integrating SMS as part of the registration process (in addition to email verification), and to further expand to see if it would be possible to have SMS verification for particular user groups posting to certain forums, for their first X amount of posts.

We recently had a scammer take 3 of our users for a ride, to the tune of $2k each, and would like to take additional steps to help keep that from happening (can never stop scammers, but you can sure make it more difficult).

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So as I wrote in my thread, I could make this without the IPB integration, here is the result:


It might need some fine-tuning but this works pretty well ^_^

The codes should probably be removed from the database after the user is validated and you shouldn't need to put in your member id, but instead your email/username.

I would love for someone to implement this into IPS, shouldn't be to hard if they edit my code to fit IPS ^_^

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