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Best Way To Import Data To Pages

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I have about 10,000 rows of data, currently stored within an xl spreadsheet. I want to create a Pages database to host this data.

What is the best way to get this data into Pages? Last time I checked only the database structure could be exported and imported.

If there is no suitable solution, does anyone know if invision are planning on releasing a solution for this? Am I overlooking any options?

If not... then I think I will need to implement the database within other software and then call out to that  from within pages. Not ideal, but I need a solution.



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  • Insert one item in to your pages database.
  • Look at the cms_databases table in your site database and identify the database_id for your pages database.
  • Look at the cms_custom_database_X (where X = that database id) table and review the content, and how it is populated.
  • Take that structure and mirror it in your excel spreadsheet (titles etc)
  • Use the Import -> CSV functionality in phpmyadmin to import the csv file in to the table.

It's how I've populated over 100 years worth of football league tables in to a pages database - approximately 20,000 records.

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Just wanted to get back to this... and say thank you Nathan. Your advice worked brilliantly. 10,000 records now in my pages database!

Now I just need to sort out a search based upon the contents of one of some of the fields and it will be sorted. ^_^ The current search is close, but as it is a feature I think search on the page in question will look better...

anyway, many thanks!


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