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Assigning reports to moderators

Gabriel Torres

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One of our admins came up with a brilliant idea, but I don't know if the IPS platform already has support for this or the team plans to have something similar in the future.

The idea is for the report system to have some way to assign reports to moderators, this way, the admins can easily control who is in charge of taking care of an issue. We run a very busy forums, with over 6 million posts, in a country with a very low educational level (i.e., people don't read the rules, don't care about rules, and think they are above rules), and because of that, we have dozens of new reported content every day.

Currently, all moderators are alerted of pending reports, but no specific moderator is assigned to each report. So, while some moderators are very active and want to take care of as many report as he can, some others are slower to respond, and as a result we have moderators who are working more than the others, and some moderators are getting annoyed with that.

I don't know exactly how this would work, the layout or the functionality, and that is why I opened this topic, so you guys can give your input as well.

One idea is for a reported content to be automatically assigned to the moderator of the forum where the topic is located.

I am willing to pay for a developer to create this app/plugin, but before I do so, I have to narrow down the way it would work, so I can explain exactly to the developer all the functions, options, locations, and so on.

Thank all in advance!

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@Adriano Faria Thanks for the quick reply. I don't know if the IPS 4.1.x has a similar feature. I haven't explored it enough to say, because sometimes functions exist but they are well-hidden... ;)  Anyway, let's see the opinion of other people here, but as you have already developed something similar for 3.4, we can discuss creating a version for 4.1.x with a few extra features (automatically assigning the moderator of the forum, for example). As I said, I am willing to pay for it. Let's keep talking.

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