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Need IPS Connect to map usergroups, specifically premium


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IPC Connect creates all accounts in the Members group.

I would like to request a modification/plugin/app that maps usergroups.

Ex: Member buys premium membership on site A. In the description of the membership, it says they will be a premium member on sites A & B. Member logs into site B for first time, is premium member. When membership expires, task detects "Members" group on A, on B, maps to Members.

This can work with admin-defined group mapping. In acp, you could set admin to be admin, mod to be mod, premium to be premium (all optional).

You could still sell memberships on both sites, or just one. But they don't need to me the same name, you map what you want to map. So if member buys a membership on site B and it is called Sponsor, and logs into site A and the premium membership there is called Premium, if you have those mapped then they are premium on both respectively.

A task can run to check the groups, and if the membership expired where they bought it and it detects the "member" group, then they are moved back to the member group on the other site. Same for mods, admin, etc. If moved on one site it would move on the other. If you wanted separate mods and admins you would simply not map them and do it by hand.

If it is too complicated to do this way, it could be set up to check groups on the master site only, and move on the slave site accordingly. Then, I would only sell memberships on the A site. But I am hoping it is possible to check on both, as, then I could sell individual memberships on A & B, not linked, and one global membership to be premium on A & B. And you could network multiple sites, not just two.

If anyone is interested in this please let me know.

If it needs to be simpler so there are no complications like unintended free memberships, and you sell one one site only, I am open, I just want premium groups mapped, thanks!

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