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Disable "register" to registered and logged user


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Maybe i don't have right explained... sorry, my english is so poor, i know.


> what is the utility, if i am already registered and i've already make login (signed - not guest), to can go in register page? i think a simple message "you're already registered..." can be a best option (haha).



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4 hours ago, MADMAN32395 said:

I think I've mentioned it before in ticket or a bug report but I can't remember what the response was. I'll look it up again when I get to desktop.

@laltroweb.it I found it, it was a ticket I submitted.  925117 

Brian Garcia

18 August 2015 - 08:17 PM

From some testing this seems to be normal. The only way to access that URL though is if you put it in manually, there shouldn't be any links to register when actually logged in. I did bring this up to our developers to see if this should be considered a bug or not.


Thank you,


Brian Garcia
Invision Power Services, Inc

I am assuming this was put onto internal discussion, but I dunno. I guess wait for staff to poke into this thread?

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ok... ^_^

i want test a simple block with jquery for remove register area if is loggedin, and put a simple alert... can be a simple and manual fix with themes display editor ;)


edit: also /login/ page is present (for login again?) to logged in user.

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