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Sidebar on mobile view just like menu drawer?


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While on mobile view, is it possible to have the sidebar shown on a popup drawer similar to the menu? This way the sidebar is more accessible instead of having to scroll through all the homepage content before finally reaching the sidebar content.

In other words, we could have the menu popup on the right side as usual and the sidebar popup on the left side.

Is this possible?

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1 minute ago, Jim M said:

It would be possible through customization. It's just simple CSS and Javascript to hide/show something then an animation if you so desire. You can even hook into our Javascript and CSS framework if so desired: https://invisionpower.com/4guides/themes-and-customizations/


Hmmm Seems like a nice little weekend project to take a quick hack at. :lol:

Maybe someone can create it and make a quick buck in the Marketplace! I sure would pay for it. :thumbsup:

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