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Posting limits notification to users not working

Ludmila Lipskaya

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Could someone confirm this is still a problem in 4.2+? The link to the bug tracker above does not work for me and I can't seem to find anywhere to set a custom error message when post limits are reached....

If this is still a problem (which it seems to be), then it makes the post limits feature useless as the post/upload/comment type buttons seem to just disappear when the limits are reached. There's no explanation and users would indeed just think the site is broken and become frustrated.

Instead, when the post limits are reached, all content creation buttons that are normally available to the group should remain enabled but take the user to a customizable "permission denied" error when clicked.

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Checked in 4.2.6, confirmed bug.

forums-front-topics-topic default template line 306 with condition haven't else statement, which could provide any error message about current post limit restriction. It placed inside condition and never execute.

Of course IPS should fix them, but if somebody need fast hard solution - put this code before line 306 condition:

{{if !$topic->commentForm()}}
  <a id='replyForm'></a>
  <div data-role='replyArea' class='cTopicPostArea ipsAreaBackground ipsPad cTopicPostArea_noSize ipsSpacer_top'>
      {template="commentUnavailable" group="forms" location="front" app="core" params="'posts_per_day_error', null, null"}

It will show:


or same in russian:


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