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PHP Framework Documentation?


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Hi all!

I am finally taking the plunge into IPS 4 for my site. So far I am impressed with the documentation and its layout, but I have an important question. I was on this guide and it had very helpful shortcuts on how to get variables from specific items. It says at the end: 

Consult the PHP framework documentation for the full range of properties and methods available for each class.

I entirely expect this to be a thing where I am total freaking idiot at things and can't see the obvious place, but where could I find full information on this framework for the IPS4 methods and classes? It may be me being an idiot and inexperienced, but I am not entirely sure what I can fully call in, say, a template or otherwise.

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They don't have a lot of documentation yet which is a bummer, just the other day I figured out how to add my own moderator permissions... they don't document that anywhere.

Are you looking to make things for IPS4 or just doing some small changes to your site?

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