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returns to all in members?


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One area thats almost caught me out is when you are working with the members list in ACP, I tend to remove members manually if not visited for 12 months.
So I search via last visit, delete the first member in the list then it automatically returns to all members again, I have almost deleted genuine members a couple of times with it doing this plus its a pain having to search for them again and doing this for everyone.
There should also be a check box beside each member so you can mass delete.


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1 hour ago, Morrigan said:

You can Prune the members found in the search all at once without having to do it individually (unless you are doing that intentionally for some reason).

Above your search results click "Prune Members"

Thanks I see that now ^_^

1 hour ago, superj707 said:

better question. Why actually do this?

Just prefer an active comunity

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