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Archiving records subject to some conditions (Bug Tracker)


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A few months ago the Bug Tracker was adjusted to use categories, one of which is for archived reports. Those are defined as having been fixed or closed with no response for 15 days or more. The Bug Tracker still has the little HTML block explaining that it's made within Pages without any custom modifications.

Is this archiving subject to those conditions an automated process and, if so, how has it been achieved? Or am I imagining it to be far more glamorous than it is and really manual intervention is required?

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On 4/11/2016 at 10:38 AM, bfarber said:

We have an "Archive old bugs" plugin installed here, which performs the archiving.

I don't like that it archives bugs marked fixed before that version is out or shortly after. You will do a release, and I'll go to reply to one that was not fixed but it's archived. No biggie, just putting it out there.

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