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Really wish statistics were better


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I LOVE statistics. It's one thing that keeps me motivated to keep trying to build up my sites.


  • User facing stats are nonexistent mostly.
  • ACP stats aren't very useful. IE: not readable, etc.

Examples, This number isn't even formatted with commas, much less I am supposed to figure out what that means when it's listed in KB?

That's thrity-five million, five hundred and seventy three thousand Kilo Bytes?? UGH!! That doesn't mean anything to me.


And then there is this, Why are these lines so thin?

thin lines.JPG

It feels like not much thought or effort has really gone into quality stats.



I would love to see some global site stats made available. Here is an example.

site stats.JPG



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Apropos of this (and it's something I've mentioned on another thread): I would really like an easy way to keep track of what Members have downloaded on the site.  Right now, the only way of keeping track of it is by IP address, which is far from a reliable indicator.  It should be linked to Member, not IP; so when we click a member we should have a Download history ready at hand.

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