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Nexus VAT declaration rather poorly


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In addition to the tax calculation, the way tax is shown in Nexus is far from ideal and simply not legally correct in certain countries. Problems I saw at first glance …

Tax percentages aren’t shown throughout the store, e.g. “including 20% VAT”
I am legally required to show this—everywhere! There is a global “price description” field to to add something like “including VAT”, but since the VAT will differ per customer, I can’t put any values in here. 
The system already uses the tax percentages to calculate the shown prices, so it can and should also show the tax percentages used to the customer. 

VAT isn’t shown for everything. 
A subscription for example will show the original price WITH tax, but the renewal price WITHOUT tax. Again, that is not legally correct and it is also highly confusing since the customer will get the impression the renewal is cheaper than the original order. 

I will add to this topic if I see more problems. 

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