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Store front mod needed

Dominic Frasca

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 I need a modification for storefront and of course am willing to pay for it.
Presently storefront allows you to sell widgets, collect monies for wigets sold and deposit them. Simple.
I want to sell my wigets thru storefront and sell (different) wigets that are dropshipped.

In a perfect world I would like this to be invisible to the wiget buyer, and add a field to each product in CP, "select vendor" A, B, or C (as an example.)
After wiget buyer checks out the correct monies get deposited into the correct account, IE... A, B, or C (as an example.)

An alternate (less desirable) method might be to create an entry portal or a popup that is presented to the wiget buyer, asking him to choose between "store A or store B"
This way, all sales from store A go into one account, and all sales from store B go into a different account.

With the availability of drop shippers being so readily available, one would think this sort of modification would be useful.

I already have a drop shipment arrangement with a company (that pays 40%) so I'm happy with that arrangement but I would like to be able to sell my own products or services too.

Think of it as 2 store fronts or 2 categories, anything purchased in category 1 has the money deposited into one account,
Anything purchased category 2 has the money deposited into a different acct.

Lemme know what your thoughts are on this please.

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