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Steps to get SSL working correctly


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If your page serves any HTTP resources whatsoever, you'll get that notice. It's not that the page itself isn't being sent "securely". It may even be that everything sent from your domain is secure, but something that the page is using isn't.

To a certain extent you can't avoid this (it happens on this forum also in some threads) because if you allow your users to directly post an image, or use a URL as an avatar, they can use an HTTP image which will take your green padlock away.

If it's happening on every single page, then likely something (a JS/CSS file or an image) in your theme is to blame.

To identify HTTP resources on Firefox, right click > Inspect Element (or just press F12), go to the Console tab and ensure Security is enabled, and reload the page. They will appear in red with the message


Loading mixed (insecure) display content "http://domain.tld/path.ext" on a secure page


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