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Dismiss Notification only after we opened it


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Sometimes when we enter the forum and we have something like 15 notifications or more, if we open one of them, the others will all be dismissed. We will have then to guess the other notifications that we have not opened it.

I suggest that the notifications should only be dismissed after we open them one by one. I also suggest a button to dismiss all the notifications if we do not want to open them.

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Agree, and I had some solutions here:

On 2/23/2016 at 4:39 AM, chilihead said:

I can see it both ways, they are notifications and when you open the window you have read the notifications (but not the content), so it clears ("View all notifications" page keeps read status of each). The problem is when you click one, and return, you lose your place when you have more than a few. So I would also like them to stay bold until clicked.

On the other hand, the window clearing gives you an automatic marking point when new notifications come in.

The solution could be to keep the unread status for each link until clicked but also give a quick way to clear the window, a "Mark all read" link at the bottom, synced with the full list.


Keep as is... the window clears but put a blue line under the last result that was new, and it doesn't reset until you get new notifications. Like the line in streams. Kind of the same idea as keeping bold, but you don't have that extra click of clearing all, and you also have a divider.

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