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A way to have 1 payment upgrade many users?


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I need to allow 1 payment to upgrade many users into a subscription group. After 30 days if the payment isn't renewed the "many" users get demoted to a non subscription group.

Is there currently anyway to make this happen?

Thank you ^_^

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10 hours ago, Daniel F said:

This can't be done "out of the box" @Aiwa means probably a custom plugin ^_^

That's correct.  

For example, these were done with Commerce / Nexus custom actions.  

I've made a few others for clients... Two that come to mind to show other things you can do with Custom Actions...

1) Someone could purchase a package for someone else, based on their SteamID, and it would upgrade the other users account.  

2) When someone purchased a specific package, a topic would be created with specific information about the purchase, including license key, to make it easier for the admin team to verify the purchase.  

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I wish I could help you right now, unfortunately I'm in the middle of a large project.  If you've not gotten someone to write this for you in the next month, check back with me.

Also, I've yet to write a custom action for 4.x Commerce.  I've not yet played with the Commerce API's.

The difficulty is going to be how to manage the users that didn't purchase.  Do you manually create $0.00 purchases for everyone and let Commerce handle the downgrade, or do you store the memberID's upgraded in a custom table and, onExpire, move them all to the previous group.   

Just some things to consider when talking to a developer to ensure you have as few latent issues as possible when UUB occurs.  


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