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IP.Gallery Broke my Website...

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I'm a new user to IPB4 and i just recently got IP.Gallery after i uploaded the file into the Root Directory in the applications folder and then came back to the website to upgrade it i got a Error message and now when i try to visit my main page I get a "Error" Message.

I don't know how to FIX it. And if i have too, i can reinstall the Software from scratch if that is the case how do i go about that without losing out on all the information on the server currently, I understand that most of the information is going to be stored in the Database but i don't know what to do.

Please can someone help me with this situation.


The follow shows up:

Maintenance in progress

We're sorry, but this website is currently unavailable. 

You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later. 
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yea, could submit a ticket (if it doesn't allow people to visit the site could flag as critical) ; could always try reuploading everything from the client area; saving your global_conf , uploads, and if you have ip.downloads there's a few other folders to save; but yea best bet would be submit a ticket that way nothing could possibly get worse.

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