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What is the point of voting up/down questions?


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What is the point of voting up/down a question? I noticed it does not move up or down in the question list, like answers do, so I'm not sure what it does. Is it just a "Like" of sorts? (Then why have ratings/Likes too for the question?) Nothing in the docs/guides on this.

And why can you only vote it down once it's had an upvote? With answers you can vote it down any time. Is that a bug? I guess I'll know once I know the point of voting up actual questions. Just haven't figured that out yet!



Okay I see it is for the popular area. A good function so questions aren't repeated. Maybe this can be emphasized or explained better for users?

Still not sure if not being able to vote down before voted up is a bug. And I wish we could disable the Likes in the question so people just upvoted.

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1 minute ago, jpointer2_merged said:

How do you enable this? Is it like a "reddit" system?

You can enable this in your ACP => Members =>Member settings on the Reputation Page

Please visit our guides section for further informations



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