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10 hours ago, HWMF said:

Hello Administrators,


Do you send a PM (automatic) to a new member that signed up? If so, what do you tell them briefly in this PM? 
Would like some inputs / tips

Thanks !

You can check out this Marketplace app, which I personally use (and thank you to @Mike John for offering and developing it as a free resource to the IPS community!)

In general, I encourage you to make your welcome message as customized to your community as possible.  Don't offer a generic greeting.  Do use specialized lingo, phrases, and emotions that are unique to your overall community's theme.  

For example, after taking a quick glance at your Historical War Militaria forum, I can immediately come up with a couple of bespoke greetings:

  • "Greetings soldier!  You've just enlisted in our community ..."
  • "Salute!  Your first mission is ... "

As for the actual content, the initial message can start with something that imparts cordiality and makes them feel immediately 'a part of the family.'  My personal preference is to follow-up the welcoming message with an action, such as viewing the community rules, reading the new member guide, or introducing themselves.  This helps the new member overcome their initial hesitation of interacting with the community, and sets the stage for future participation.  

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I have the Plug-in but never utilized it as should I think. Thanks for your input, it is much appreciated! Going to think of something great and informative (with some helpful action link(s) as you).

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