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On 3/10/2016 at 0:47 AM, Colonel_mortis said:

That is true, but part of it is to prevent people from entering the wrong email, not just to make sure it's real. Sending emails to the wrong person means they will probably be flagged as spam, which is bad for the site's email reputation. 

Also bad for the site reputation to send email to canceled email address it will also gain you spam points. This goes back to the discussion of handling bounced emails.

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Thanks for sharing. Regarding the introductory "how to" text, there is usually a help file which can be borrowed from to create your own new members page. I think every site has its own areas it wants to push and using a template is probably the best way to go. I have my registrations configured to land on a custom page for users which has a list of all their most common things they want to see. And I place a link to it in the navigation.

SMS verification - Interesting idea but not as common as you'd think. I don't know how many people want to enter their phone numbers into a site and it's yet another data point to enter. I can see it being a very popular addon. 

The stats on the side are OK and fine. But the real kicker that does NOT happen with IPS has been something I have raised since the first week after release. There is no coherent rewards system. THAT is the caffeine in the coffee, not bare stats. This "content count" system is useless as a bare total count number. There should be two systems: (a) reputation; (b) user activity/experience/award level . Reputation measures how reliable or liked a user's posts are. The second is a system that shows how much the user has contributed. If there are award levels for certain types of participation and those are known, e.g. 4,000 IPS Points to reach bronze level status where you get xyz, then users know what they need to do to become respected members with titles and the rewards they will receive. Right now this is all over the place on both accounts. I think with a little work this can all be tied together nicely.

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