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Back up site problem


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this problem is nothing with ips product , but idk where to post this so .....

Problem is when i use mysqldumper try to back up my database , site down , after 3 min it back , seem mysql got timeout , but when i connect and back up direct in phpmyadmin , all working good , i dont know what happened with mysqldumper . i used it always and never seen this problem , i just upgrade mysql to version 5.7.6 so i think problem is from file my.ini ?

Thanks to help ! 

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10 minutes ago, RevengeFNF said:

Yes. You are using Windows? 

yes , with apache service 

i like to move to other host but when i restore it said "mysql version different" and i cant downgrade mysql , i using mysql version 5.7.6 , most of web hosting use 5.4 or 5.5 i think 

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