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Facebook-like LIKE system


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This came up in another topic and I feel it will result in less activity. Posting "lol" is a new post and a bump, but clicking lol does not do anything for activity.

This is where it came up:

On 1/29/2016 at 3:41 PM, chilihead said:

= less activity

Providing every emotion like that will result in less posts which may be fine for FB, but for our content-driven sites, no thanks. And the Love button, well now you have to decide if you like or love something and possibly insult the poster with a Like. :lol:. IPS got it right with the heart icon/Like button combo.

So now instead of posting an :lol: lol emoticon you can just click it and it adds it to the count. I'd rather see these as posts on our sites. It bumps the content and keeps everything current and conversational.

I do welcome other options, like maybe "Helpful" or "Not helpful" (similar to the helpful votes in reviews, if we could add this per category or forum and not globally) but honestly Like is enough for now unless it is very well thought out and does not dissuade a post. Icons where the poster felt they needed to elaborate would actually encourage a post. Like the "Not helpful". But not a gamut of emotions imo.

Not sure what IPS has planned but they did mention Content Highlights and reputation improvements that are coming. Would be interested to know more about that. :)

Just food for thought.

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