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Please show tags in forum topics listings, mobile site...


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Tags are crucial to some sites especially when using closed tags. On mobile they are not visible in the topic listings of forums (but are visible in blog and database listings). Also on mobile they are not visible in the stream/search. Members need to be able to click them from these areas or when searching etc. And see them, for the reasons they are tagged.

An example being, the Product Feedback section here, you can't see the status of the suggestions on mobile.

A simple suggestion, please show tags/prefixes the same places on mobile and full for a true responsive experience. If they are not possible in all the same places, please at least add to topic listings, as this is important for site function. Thanks!

Look, @Andy Millne agrees! ;)

On March 7, 2016 at 11:16 AM, Andy Millne said:

Blog/article and topics use very different layouts for the listing templates. I tend to agree that if tags can be accommodated in mobile view then they should be but this is currently intended. Ultimately it is a design issue and feedback.


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