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Like and comment on images in stream, you can see full image


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It would greatly improve activity if we could Like and comment on (Gallery) images in the stream.

You can click to see the full image in the lightbox, then you close it, but can't do anything. You have to click to the image title to leave the stream when you already saw the image. How about a Like button and comment box right there?

I understand the mentality of streams is to not interact since you don't see the full context (forums posts, blogs, articles), but with an image, you are seeing the context.

With status updates, you can interact in the stream, and a status update can be an image btw, so maybe people will use this instead of Gallery. I feel people will not be leaving image comments they want to leave for this reason. They see the full image but it's an annoyance to leave the stream just to comment or Like.


(Or put the Like button and comment box at the bottom of Lightbox? Or is that weird?)

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