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Notifications polling


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I have a question about the way browser notifications work.

I can see that every xx seconds, an ajax call is fired:



I'd like to trigger that call from my homepage, which is not inside the IPS Suite.

My homepage of course inits all the IPS stuff: init.php, the userBar, and my <body> tag looks like that:

<body @if (isset($itemscope)&&($itemscope)){{$itemscope}} @endif class='ipsApp ipsApp_front @if (isset(\IPS\Request::i()->cookie['hasJS'])) ipsJS_has @else ipsJS_none @endif ipsClearfix' data-controller='core.front.core.app' data-pageApp='core' data-pageLocation='front'>


I also call the IPS javascript files with:

\IPS\Theme::i()->getTemplate('global', 'core', 'global')->includeJS()


Everything works great… except this Ajax call that is not fired from my homepage. :hmm:

➡️ Do you know how I can trigger this call from my homepage?


Thanks a lot!

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